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Server has closed on the 17th of May. As of now there's no coming back up date.


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  1. Kain

    You mean like... now?
  2. I didn't call you O_ò
  3. O_O Karkar, didn't you leave forever?
  4. No, it has been UP for 4 days, lol
  5. Kain

    lol at sig
  6. I had to remove the picture in your avatar coming from bleachedichigo.net, because it was considered a spam website.
  7. http://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=wotlk+torrent
  8. hitcher, that ban is automatic, lasts 15 minutes
  9. He's just an asshole, don't mind him.
  10. A girl on the internet, my brain is full of you know what.
  11. Sorry I don't think I got your problem.

  12. Thanks a bunch for all the reports you write, +1 for the effort and +1 for the time you put on them. I read them all, unfortunately I don't have the time to fix them aall, so keep 'em coming, little by little I'll try to work on them.

  13. 22 players running behind a ball sounds (and is) stupid. Millions of watchers is even more stupid.

    Football is overrated

  14. Mh?

    Football? No thanks.

  15. I've deleted it because you told me to read it.


  16. I'm not on skype until Monday.

  17. Mochiron nihongo hanaseru wake ga nai: I'm italian, remember?

  18. what n why?????

  19. I will suggest you below my fren.

  20. There exists no account with that name

  21. No, let's say near.

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