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  1. he's still on my friend's list...
  2. try to enter blizzard's web site without a proxy
    If u can enter it tell me plz ?
    oh forgot about albis he was in ur friend list
    Damn eye . Y u no c ?
  3. He's not in ur friend list
  4. w8wut? why no. why did u think so?
  5. did u and albis become enemies ?
  6. lol u used 2 langs in 1 sentence
  7. lol i wasn't busy with lol. i went to golab berootoon wc :D
  8. Yeah we all get what we deserve but that day has not come yet
  9. we get what we deserve
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-19399375
    God U're the only one that can explain this ?
  11. U know MMOs are always messed up
  12. No I can't come there it's so messed up
  13. as i said i didnt see it ingame but i saw it elswhere. as for WOW cmon man who play wow anymoar?? too boring...
    come LOL
  14. Y U no play WOW ?
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