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  1. he's still on my friend's list...
  2. w8wut? why no. why did u think so?
  3. lol i wasn't busy with lol. i went to golab berootoon wc :D
  4. we get what we deserve
  5. as i said i didnt see it ingame but i saw it elswhere. as for WOW cmon man who play wow anymoar?? too boring...
    come LOL
  6. yeah well i didnt see it ingame coz again i didnt romance her :D
  7. u mean the w/o mask one? u get it when u romance her or she suicides or smth :D
    y i watched got...
  8. and it wasnt the geth who started the 300y geth war. it was the quarians.
  9. man dat casper said alot of BS. he said that the created will always rebel against the creators (pointing to geth) but then at that very moment geth were kicking reaper asses with their creators.
  10. lol ablis nibtard :D
  11. wtf ??? bombi??? wth???
  12. hohoho dont insult the gr8est last boss of all time :)
  13. oh plz dont mention that crap of a movie infront of me :(
    still havent played DG though :D
  14. y u no accept request?
  15. but i might :D muahahahahaha
    bah i suck at this :)
  16. but still nice in both of them <3 :D
  17. I'm a gamer, Not because I dont have a life, But because I choose to have MANY.

    1. warlock


      story of my life :D

    2. Mortinal


      Okay I'm no gamer :D

    3. warlock


      well that's was obvious u know :D

  18. days and days are just passing by w/o me noticing QQ.but either way not bad :D
  19. l haven't?? i was just "reviewing" gg's profile when a familiar name caught my eye :D
  20. y u change ur profile pic alot :D
  21. i havent been in the forum for sometimes now. wth happend to minecraft server btw?
  22. girl i got online and didnt see u.have u changed or ur still the no life gamer ? :D
  23. huh this profile pic is so different from ur fb's
  24. this is blasphemy. maya doesnt have a profile pic!!!!! omg it's the end of the world!!! XD
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