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  1. You caught the Train?
  2. I guess u didnt understood me :P In which 2 circles in IC/Storm Peaks, the names like sindragosas fall, k3 etc.
  3. around the whole zone. 2 circles in Icecrown then 2 circles in Storm peaks.
  4. Yea but what region, Im trying to farm them in Sindragosas Fall and when i take them they dont wanna spawn again even in next 10mins. Can you tell me where in Storm peaks?thanks..
  5. Stormpeaks and Icecrown
  6. Where did u farm Lichblooms? and name of region please if not problem.
  7. enjoyin' ma' last week of summer vacation then uni starts :(
    got skype?
  8. you still here I see
  9. how's freakz going
  10. 1899 (6.66 per day)
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