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  1. cycas

    2 many ACCOUNTS !!
  2. Why should i be same race as Althea ?

  3. hai sucker. Get on skype nub

  4. on Tehina i haz moar. Btw Y U HAZ THE SAME PIC ON SKYPE AND HERE?

  5. Friends: Alex and Xaldo.

    Foreveralone.jpg :D

  6. A guy who don't know Channeled spells don't brake it the target goes out of LoS calling me nib, k.

  7. Ok, now i go make a lvl 1 Human and spam in SW allies can suck my dick, now im 100% sure our GMs doing thier jobs properly and i can do that WHITOUT any risk of bein banned, big thank to allurig!

  8. Men kerp althea iz no gud troll to ezmode :l

  9. man you trollin' with albis nub now?

    He was my bish!

  10. No hate just love np

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