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Server has closed on the 17th of May. As of now there's no coming back up date.


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  1. Whatever happens, happens.
    1. tototaha
    2. tototaha
    3. didibong


      Hello! I join the private serve yesterday, but I couldnt receive my email validation, and I follow the guide of Kain. Now my friend try to join the server but he can't create an account. Help me please, thank you!

  2. Peachy. Mostly working. You?
  3. Hey there, how's life been treating ya?
  4. plss i need help, i'm stuck in "heart of acherus", thats my home land and i can open a portal because i'm silenced, thats my first death night and i don't wanna leave him plssss help!!!!
  5. & that was meant for you, not me. (:
  6. Must've been the wine talking and brainwashing.
    1. devilrog


      kain can u help me?

  7. I didn't call you O_ò
  8. Kain, if going to call and leave a raging voicemail on my phone, at least scream my name like you mean it.
  9. I'm leaving again. BB.
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