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  1. Sup?

    Whu yu?

    And pokemon dude? ( I have a pokemon on my email also :)) )

  2. won't even say anything. go check my response, I have nothing else to add.

    have a good day

  3. No no. He didn't meant he's using made up words. He said "using big words and making no sense" as in using very classy words that only intellectuals use, but in the end you don't understand *** from what he's saying.

    If you weren't sarcastic about the guided, you're welcome. if you have any other questions, ask me. I played pala a lot and have some ex...

  4. I've alwasy been one :P

  5. lul yes yes. I've been one lol :) what's new?

  6. I no right? The humanity !

  7. Me what?

    Alex is gay btw

  8. Hello dear sir. About the http://forum.gamer-district.org/topic/2093-verbal-abuse/page__pid__23466#entry23466 I think he ment that the reported person was verbally abusing others,using racist terms and vulgar offenses, not that he was spamming. He said he was spamming it at "number of times committed" that he spammed. I'm telling you this here so I don't make another thread. T...

  9. Go to our forum and read the topic on Offtopic chat

  10. Who are you and what are you talking about? What topics?

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