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  1. hhahaha [[[[= kako ti kazes ^_^
  2. AaAAaA! On dobar? Ma on ti je 3:)
    Ne znas ti njega dobro! :PPP
  3. <3 Dubstep BITSHEZ <3

    1. datsik


      what is this, I don't even :( log on AT for ARENAZ MASTER OF LIGHT!

    2. Requake


      Get lost hipster. p: u log skype for a change, and let my account GO ALREADY! stealer!

  4. hahahahah [= neverujem ti :p warrea biti dobar covek :ppP
  5. Nemoj mu slati mats, ima da te pokrade, kad ti ja kazem.
    Ima punu banku gemova (ukradenih)! :DD
  6. ma np,salji mejl ili me ulovi na serveru :)
  7. fak ne mogu da editujem koment KOJI KURAC!
    warrea best warrior balkan* -_____-
  8. yo warrea best world Balkan,jk World, jk universe :) treba mi jedno 100gemova :) imam mathz :PpP
  9. why do I automaticlly click on some1's profile if its Female on pic....... God take me.
  10. ye dude I've been into Glithc Mob for long time :P nice choise ^_^

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