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  1. Waffle, do you still play in-game? ^_^ Haven't seen you in awhile
    1. Ruhala1


      I haven't really played in a while :( Been trying out one MoP private server which's full of bugs etc, but i needed some change from wotlk :P

    2. mattf


      Same, I bought the limited edition box set of MOP yet I haven't played it yet aha.

  2. We had some kind of bug on skype so we had to talk there D:
  3. You're my friend too D: and thx
    btw what with the Diss ocean? :D
  4. maifriend :
    cute cat anyway D:
  5. Funny avatar wafffo
  6. Lol'd at your new avatar.
  7. with the same thing in both ofc

  8. dude, i got an idea, about the double post topic in general, let's reply in both topics, like making a mirror xD you in ?

  9. my wow subscription ends in 1-2 weeks <_<

  10. Smart guy. Spend your money on hardware instead of WoW subscription lol gg

  11. Your'e ally now? :<

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