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Server has closed on the 17th of May. As of now there's no coming back up date.


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  1. Gearing up my priest....http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/grim-batol/Xkorpriest/simple then tell me as priest what do you think maya....
    1. Lillith


      Not bad! :P

      Keep it up! ;)

  2. i tried to play paladin on a insta 80 server..but srsly, i cant play at all...so many seals and buttons...trying to smash all of them :D
  3. where did u priest go maya!!!!??? dont u play wow anymore :(
    1. Lillith


      I was in the game 5 minutes ago! :P

    2. Combine


      im in game right now...shaft...and i made a horde named Shaftmoo :D

  4. Kellicidad!!!! why did u moved to ragnaros!!! that realm is so bad :-p jk u r priest looks good =)
    1. Kellicidad


      well, i moved to ragnaros bcuz in english server they seem to be crazy for latinas, while in latin server, everything is normal for me even the language :3

  5. Best warlock EU :-p and funny as hell!!!! i miss you moni /gives cupcake
  6. Now miss maya....tell me one thing....are u a model? i've always thought u were....
    1. Lillith


      Hai you! :D

      Sure that I am, it's obviously! :P

  7. ;-p miss your druid!!!!!!
  8. lol combine, that was a lyric to this song, nothing special xD
  9. I will answer you here! :P
    Famous priest? :D Didn't know that! :P
    And I know you, dudu Shaft, right? :D
    Also, dont worry for posts, I have the same problem! :D
  10. hope when i return i dont lose my skill...and get sexualy violated by horde....especially by Diss or Wafly or Harud D:

    1. lwmaster


      Definitely expect it :D

    2. Kellicidad


      harud will mangle u xD

  11. Kellicidad, Warrea, Wreckk, Bluee, Vyctorya, Carox, Hateyouall, Mecr, Slima...we going to do a premade....still few missing...soon im organizing a premade bg to pwn hordes in my final "Goodbye"

    1. glajbo1


      looking forward :D

  12. Sometimes love is nowhere to be found....or doesnt want to be found, maybe tomorrow i'll find my way home....

  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LV58fxXOQuE&feature=related dedicated to my favourite healer :-p
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