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Server has closed on the 17th of May. As of now there's no coming back up date.


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  1. Change avater more.
  2. i dont know how to send you a pm but i would like to speak to you
  3. Get back to GD now!
  4. lustral pm me really ..
  5. Welcome back ?? o.O
  6. Smaya

    yea, me to. Fuck u stupid tard GM nab rank1 EU !!!!
    1. dikasd


      Ye *** that *** Gm .Stupid kido need to learn what is GM !

    2. nikolafikka


      retarded moron...drop dead stupid...hope you get cancer ! .!.

  7. Dear Lustral Fuck you mother fucker ! You stupid moron son of bitch ! You ban 6 acc cos of 1 man.You will die like a your server you fcking motherfucking moron.Learn to be GM and put rule for WINTRADE YOU FCKING DICKASS !!!FUCK YOU ALL AND ALL YOUR STUPID GM ON YOUR SERVER. DIE IN HELL FCKING KIDO. YOUR A FCKING TARD YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT.
  8. Zollo

    I made ticket 1day ago. Im in game atm (: Should I spam on global for you :D?
  9. What's going on with server 10k ms -.-"
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