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  1. Hello there, you forgot about me? :)
  2. yeye it wasnt hard, hope we ll do hc 2night
  3. It's called progress ok? >.> and now we finally killed the bastard last night yay xD
  4. Wiping on LK in graids is actually fail nowadays...
  5. xD yeah i already sign in the coldblood site.
    Well yesterday i was in lk raid with my lock and killed sindra yay xD but lich king we wiped and maybe tonight we are gonna continue so lets see xD
  6. wow, i did such terrible grammar mistakes in my last post lol
  7. I don't wanna exchange -.-, btw register on shivtr, you got link into description, singing up for raid may help :P
    If you re online on our next lk run i ll call you
  8. hahaha you know i meant i don't want to go in change of primos >.> but fine don't get me into lich link instead give me dbw!!! xD
  9. yea ik dw :P
    you dont want to? okay np there are people who'd like to go instead of you xd
  10. Pff omg i don't want to get in like that >.> besides i was joking i dont have primos xDD
    I can get you into LK raid :)
  12. I know you did, i just wanted to know if you had killed him that night xD because i want to kill him too but now they never invite me >.> *cries* xD i know i was joking too i have 100 primos xD jkjkjk
  13. I killed the king a long time ago lol, im just helping my mates when they need me :D
    i was joking about primos -.-
  14. Are you blackmailing me? pff >.> i don't have any primos anyway so nothing i can do about i guess u have to go blackmail someone else ^^ xD so did u kill the king? xD
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