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Server has closed on the 17th of May. As of now there's no coming back up date.


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  1. You try to say what your voice denies.
  2. sry i had to give away the internetz D:
  3. niqqa send me pm on skype when u come on ingame :P
  4. lol :D :D How´s the development of my nickname developing? :D
  5. Yes! Achievement unlocked: Make Marten uber-jelly!
  6. Well now that you ask I´m at home being uber-jelly.
  7. well im at this spa hotel, chilling on my own. sup with you?
  8. o: there we go again :D
    anyways whats up
  9. ahahah ye lol, I still don't understand the logic : "Let's prolong it, I'll lose rating anyway, let's lose 40 mins of my precious life" -.-
    Anyway, will you log to finish those 10 ;D
  10. Damn it I can´t find the SS-s D:
    That guy prob hacked the server too, that´s why it DC-d. :D
  11. feck them hpaladins lolz
  12. sup folks?

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    2. strongdude88


      moved out yo :P

      you can come visit me now :D

    3. foe


      sure thing.. you know i'll be free next week. I might swing by :))

    4. strongdude88


      Ya sure, come, I'm waiting :D

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