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  1. You try to say what your voice denies.
  2. sry i had to give away the internetz D:
  3. lol :D :D How´s the development of my nickname developing? :D
  4. Well now that you ask I´m at home being uber-jelly.
  5. o: there we go again :D
    anyways whats up
  6. Damn it I can´t find the SS-s D:
    That guy prob hacked the server too, that´s why it DC-d. :D
  7. sup folks?

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    2. strongdude88


      moved out yo :P

      you can come visit me now :D

    3. foe


      sure thing.. you know i'll be free next week. I might swing by :))

    4. strongdude88


      Ya sure, come, I'm waiting :D

  8. Oloolol. Well I`m making a video and I kinda enjoy editing, so its not that bad :D
    But yeah, maybe we should take this into a more private place?
  9. Oh stop it, you. :D
  10. Ah god damn another one leaving... Well i`ve been bored of WoW myself lately, playing some random games here and there :D But aight, do you what you gotta do, keep in touch over skype i guess :)
  11. thnx :D ur pics are nice too btw :P
    its np i have alli chars too :D
  12. yeh im the warlock dude :D
  13. how much do u earn on that godforsaken site given in your signature per day? :D
    just thought to try it out
  14. :( yah tbh i miss the community :/
  15. kk :D
    well u can hang out with my bro now :D
    he will be playing on my lock
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    2. strongdude88


      ill be back some day :D i wanna try cata and one friend invited me to retail, thinking over it a bit :)

    3. yara


      ohh cool, have fun

    4. Prieest


      what realm are u playing on ?

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