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  1. Dog year kennel millenium
  2. Omg don't listen to wreckk that's some hacker :>
    :3 ^^
  3. Omg don't listen to wreckk that's some hacker :>
    :3 ^^
  4. Hello sexy girl fb pls <3
  5. In love with this anime opening <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzBZU1hKIzg

    1. lightningterror


      that's got to be one of the best anime openings ive ever seen.

  6. it's already been almost fixed
  7. you can keep posting but not that long thanks for your comprehension
  8. why would i change my profile/avatar/sig if i didn't have a reason... changing it was like facing my problems rather than avoiding them
  9. im being serious now don't make fun of my problems....
  10. nope some serious business im going through
  11. no but i'm crying at the same time i'm posting this
  12. cuz i look way more cool and cuz it fits my feelings atm
  13. where's your old pic
  14. where's your old pic
  15. Am i going insane?

    1. aboo10


      No, you are just high.

    2. anzorikushka1


      ure on your way to be ponyfied. :( sry

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