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  1. Hello! Anyone there? :D
  2. back for some 2v2 ;)
  3. well then, what do we have here?? ._.
  4. you been behaving whilst i was gone? O.o
    1. Lillith


      Me good, always! :D

  5. okay :D i got my epic awesome brand new computer that took me 3 months to get and now i can play with you on full graphics :DD
    1. finch


      Can i join your guild? yes? :P

  6. que the double bass drum break down! \m/
  7. Hehehe! Me sux! :P
    Heloooou boy! :D
  8. 28k profile views.. Just facepalm! xD hi!
  9. So how have you been? :)
  10. It's a huge festival! Last year there were approx 380.000 people! To show you some parts: Vid I made of an act that started at 2 am or so: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gm7X21FbnPI
  11. what is diss Sziget you speak off? D:
  12. Good day, lovely mister :3
  13. Hehe ^^ okay maybe i shall :P till then, good day miss :)
  14. Weird way to say hi, but well...cute :) poke me on skype maybe? :)
  15. HaHa :D i am just saying Hi! okay :P
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