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Server has closed on the 17th of May. As of now there's no coming back up date.


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  1. RIGHT, AFTER MUCH FAPPING ABOUT I HAVE COMMENCED THE DOWNLOAD AND WILL BE JOINING UR ASS SHORTLY. I hereby blame you for the addiction that is about to begin and that will probably last another 5 years like previously. You will now be answerable to my wife as to why i'm not getting hammered every weekend.
    1. demaster13


      Hahahahahah awesome dude, I have stopped with WoW since some months ago aswell, but I might be up for arenas now you've came back ^_^

  2. Hey, I was wondering if we played on this server looong ago, like 2 years or longer ago? You were playing a female blood elf, and we met in tanaris, I was killing lowbies but decided to help you(Since you were about lvl 45?). Im really curious if that was you, cause you have the same name :O Could it... be?:O Please let me know.
  3. Back to GD! :D

    1. Supercilious1


      Bit late but welcome back! Enjoy your stay once more :)

  4. Are you still playing here?:O Argonath here
  5. Continuing here since there is no space left.

    So there is no quest to get my ring back, already tried 'Change of Heart' quest but no positive results.

    My IG character is 'Thaentis'.

    Btw its about the 'Might' ring, and since I am exalted, I'd like to get the exalted version of it.

    Thank you for your help in advance!

  6. Hello. Since you can't receive any new messages it says, Im writing it here.

    Hello Ignorance,

    So I became revered with The Ashen Verdict in a ICC rep farm run, traded my old ring for the revered one, and then there was a DC, and when I logged back in I only had the 'Honored' One. I am already exalted with the ashen verdict, but there is no way to get my new ring,no quest :...

  7. Umm my character names be Tyn, Iloveher, Sadpanda, Orgalysta, dunno if you know any :o

  8. I recognize "sadpanda" :D

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