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  1. Bro nothing is free these days :D
    U should play most of the games when u are connected to internet + the game server . Damn world
  2. sry for the " K " any ways add k to their hp and it will be MOP bosses HP
  3. Look at ppl's hp in MOP
    srsly ? u can solo every boss in TBC /facepalm
  4. I didn't copy pasted that I found it via internet ( hahaha I never copy paste :D )
    It looks like urs but no problemo it's occupied now >:)
  5. Can u be a warr or a dk it would be nice of ya
  6. Damn u spend all ur hours der
    hey son how old are ya ?
  7. There used to be something named life
    Alan kojast :D ?
  8. now you are right :D
  9. ay knaw ay knaw panies er alvays beter dan dolans cuz
  10. dnt make me call u gooby :D
  11. ponies > all. no matter what.
  12. Masteiken plz
    Dolan > ponies
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