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  1. days and days are just passing by w/o me noticing QQ.but either way not bad :D
  2. Hi hi. :P Ye i kinda took a break from WoW, bored of it and busy irl. How have you been? :3
  3. girl i got online and didnt see u.have u changed or ur still the no life gamer ? :D
  4. Oh so you're still lagging that bad? :< Try harder then ! :D I'll see you around in game. :)
  5. but i'll try :)
  6. i'm lagging remember?? :)
  7. Heyyyy Rhode. <3 I missed you, how have you been? I'm alright, yes I'm still in NL. :) Come to wow visit me sometimes ! Take care. ^^
  8. heyyyy aleks sup. how's everything? you still in NL???
  9. ALEEEEEEEEEEX how are ya? :)
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