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Server has closed on the 17th of May. As of now there's no coming back up date.


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  2. Member Loveliness can't receive anymore new messages. >.>

  3. I'll message you the info for the server. Put it up in gmotd.

  4. And they were seriously considering w8ting for Love when we had 24ppl in ICC already, while she was late and noone even knew if she would actually come online.

    And they were discussing kicking a random guy in our raid @ Lady to inv a guildy.

    Thats just stupid.

  5. I did a semi PUG ICC25 with us leading it.

    Well 3ppl from our guild leading it, and well it failed.

    Mesca was QQing cus his mate didnt get loot and refused to start tanking DB, then marks distributing and Reesey and Aleria were acting all tardish that ppl dont need t10 to get em, while they said it @ the beginning. *** like that. Just overall tardness. I rather PUG my raids.

  6. So you left? Exactly why?

  7. Oh yeah I'll come right from tomorrow too.

  8. Im in the new guild now. Love kinda commanded me to join.

    Core rank ftw!

    I wont raid this week, will be able to do some raids next week tho.

  9. Yeah they said that Bluee and Soju and everyone went into the new guild too. So I joined.

  10. Well i was in And now ther was another guild switch? Cba with that. I might join it just for the social stuff. But the rest CBA.

  11. Dude, why aren't you raiding with us anymore? Did you leave? O.o

  12. Some retard already has Puppyo on forums as his name. I'ma kill him.

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