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Server has closed on the 17th of May. As of now there's no coming back up date.


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  1. Was about to log in, but couldn't connect. :o
  2. No wonder I didn't get any notification.
  3. Hey, Fenix. Haven't seen you ingame for a long while. How's everything going?
  4. /stalk
    Hey, what's up?! :P
  5. For a moment, I thought what's written below was Hindi. :o
  6. i am guessing yes :O
    what else can i do while the server goes down :'(
  7. Are you gonna add more char names to your username when you make more?! o_O
  8. Sent the mats. Craft it whenever you decide to log, and send back.
  9. tried to log couple times, though about realmlist, then saw it was up&down. mail it´´s safe it it gets before a crash... problem is if you send it and server crashes while its still on the way. i´´ll keep trying to get on tho
  10. Server started crashing now. Was wondering though, would it be safe if I mailed you the mats for the tank boots, even if you were offline? Can log in now, just that server's unstable.
  11. tomorrow 15:00 to 16:00, could be on later probably!
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