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Server has closed on the 17th of May. As of now there's no coming back up date.


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  1. "Never shoot a large calibre man with a small calibre bullet"
  2. mattf

    Hope all is good Kain. It's great to see GD advancing to the top every time I check on it, have a good weekend ^_^
  3. Still haven't made me that coffee secretary, I look forward to when you do ^_^
  4. Just took the time to listen to the song on your sig mate, Year of the summer. Really good ^_^
    1. lwmaster


      Thanks, I also still enjoy that ***! :D

  5. mattf

    Harude, I haven't seen you on the battlefield for a long time. You okay?
  6. “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” –Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee
  7. Waffle, do you still play in-game? ^_^ Haven't seen you in awhile
    1. Ruhala1


      I haven't really played in a while :( Been trying out one MoP private server which's full of bugs etc, but i needed some change from wotlk :P

    2. mattf


      Same, I bought the limited edition box set of MOP yet I haven't played it yet aha.

  8. Only saw your sig now.. "hi gm im .........we 1000 tickt for gm Qust ...................... jw .....work dot not darop addssssssssssssss plz help bugeD!!!!" The joys of having to decypher a ticket before you can help >.>
    1. Wokie


      Actually this one wasn't deciphered at all. Took me 5 seconds to close it with the reply "Sorry GMs don't speak jibber jabber". :)

    2. mattf
  9. Its been awhile, contemplating staying on APB for a bit more or coming back to GD. I miss you all...
  10. What's uuuup?
    1. mattf


      Not much, you? I've seen you in a few BG's on my rogue aha your still the only one keeping them from winning the BG's

    2. lwmaster


      :D I do quite little, just try to play a bit strategic =p
  11. Its been awhile my fellow grammar nazi ^_^
  12. Oh how I miss playing WoW on here with friends, GM's and trolls :/ hopefully i'll find time to come back! GD is on a much higher level then retail could ever achieve with the community.
  13. I'm fine thx :D, busy playing MoP now ans alot of other stuff :P
  14. I'm fine thx :D, busy playing MoP now ans alot of other stuff :P
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