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  1. If you mean the signature then, duh I even added -Igno in the end of the sentence like to any other member who I edit?
  2. Can u tell me in message where are located those 3 rightful masters?and how to do it? thank you.
  3. Clear your PM box D:
  4. good to see you back ignorance.......:D
  5. Welcome back --'
  6. i c wat u did deeeer
  7. Name: Foreseen
    Reason: oh wait, nvm. (Got it? :3)
  8. "P.S Tehnically didnt draw since all my pony's looked like houses for some reason but it should have looked like that one! "
  9. Nop, just getting here trough phone is harder than replying to PM. if I would hide something then you would never know it.
  10. Why do I even bother -.- Also I got PM box if you wish to "appeal" the unapproved post?
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