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  1. Happy Birthday baby <3

  2. oh yeah forgot to update that

  3. man u're too old for dee!!! :o 98 years old..srsly..:P

  4. I miss mah dee in wow ... T.T <3

  5. * hugs and kisses and other naughty things* ;)

  6. /poke

    You mister, at least you should play ally for a change...

  7. See that gorgeous girl laughing on my shoulder? That is a woman worth more than just dying for... she is worth living for...

  8. My 1st and 4th wife <3<3<3

  9. Bretty brett brett <3

  10. Hai baby I am missing you SOOOOO MUCH... *grabs dee and runs away to a deserted tropical island with internet service*

  11. ohai yoooooora

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