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  1. Noblegarden was working too. Just log on skype so we can talk :)
  2. At least log on skype. D:
  3. It's okay. I think I lost interest again.
  4. You're so coooool! I want to be just like you!!!!!!
  5. I'm really happy for you ^.^
    Okay, we will, soon ;p
  6. Okay! I'd like to have a chat with you sometime soon :p
  7. Aww sorry, i was having my breakfast :P
    hmm, not really :/
  8. Stop Viewing Topic: Post your RL picture. and answerrr x_x
  9. do you have Skype?! :[
  10. no, it's for real :D
  11. Omg, is this some kind of April fools joke or you're talking for real lol, i'm really happy for you nab!
  12. omg Druidz, where have you been?? I'm getting married! I got engaged two days ago!
  13. lol, okay, i guess i'll be on today at 2 am me, my time ;p
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