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  1. Check your skype !!! :D
  2. oh hai, dis is kewl
  3. Zollo

    Gieft ts3 room nao!
    1. Ahshazuu


      i cant post but hear me out Kain, would you please give me another chance ? i won't use it ever again : ( im really sorry for grossly violating it . it was my first time please i wont repeat it again and i mean it .

    2. Kain


      You can make a ban appeal.

    3. Ahshazuu


      : ( i dont know how but i will try . i wont give up yet . Gamer District ! WoW ! thank you Kain .

  4. Dude your signature is soo sick :x
  5. AFK much? Log in game sometimes ! Aaaaand join BT for event we need pro hpalas D:
  6. Zollo

    I made ticket 1day ago. Im in game atm (: Should I spam on global for you :D?
  7. Jos uvek igras na onog maga i paladina??
    Ja vise ne igram na Alliancu :x
  8. aha :D
    Ovde sam vec neko vreme...
  9. Make me signature k?
  10. will try to get some warrior in ally :3
    Anyway how is it going in ally ?
  11. come alliance. <3
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