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  1. Fatrudish, get back and lets farm achievs!
  2. Alex, bro, how can you manage so many active stalkings at the same time? P.S: Gotta love the attention though..
  3. Bored as *** -.- Not even these Forums seem to be entertaining! Start a flame war or something!

    1. CynicalNihilist
    2. homofobul


      I no ken get bun! I'm untouchable! Or at least i run preety fast during an adrenaline rush o.O

  4. So liek, thrum, retail is waiting for you :)) I'm thinking of making a Gnome named Throm and keep it at lvl 1 just so you can't take the name LOL

  5. Alex, leave Ethera alone!

  6. Bara, gief more eventz! Got an adrenaline rush from those things o.O

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