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  1. Nope, Engineering is all maths and stuff... The devil's science imo.
  2. mattf

    Are you studying engineering? If you are i know you.
  3. Cal

    Hmm, So, You know me in WoW or IRL? le confused
  4. mattf

    Cal, i think i know you. You just dont know it, ill soon introduce myself to you.
  5. Cal

    Why am I not suprised that Alex is your only phanboi? xD
  6. mattf

    So where are you from? i asked you on my profile but you seem to have not read it yet. You can pm me if you want with your anser...
  7. Cal

    So like, I heard you're from Perth ! xD
  8. Please, do not threaten me, because you could get a forum ban!!!
  9. I has Winged Guardian on retail xD
    Annnnnnnnnd, Invincible !
  10. ): come back gd nib. i haz spectral mount :D
  12. i dick slap eu.
  13. DAFUCK, how you reply so fast? Sheesh get a life srsly.
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