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  1. so much hatin I need an AK...

    1. warlock


      ak47?? got it right here :D

    2. blessed
  2. Psychosocial

    1. Supercilious1


      That's on your mind?

    2. blessed


      I don't even know what's on/in/out my mind...

  3. It's good to be unbanned!

  4. lol pandemonium...gr8 warr nib dudu :P
  5. kade si beee madafaka?! :D
  6. nice tattoo shows originality and creativity, is it made with crayons? i suggest ur next to be nuclear star or "only god can judge me" ;)
  7. bringing back the old dayz >>

  8. kade si be, lice, lek, batka, manqk?
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