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  1. Fuck it, Im staying Horde Kerp, Herp, Derp !
  2. Well then I cant catch you up /extrodionaryemosadface
  3. When im going to stab you, I let you know.

  4. To ally you mental midget. Let me write it all out then in wood and red :X. my Mage is horde you remember. It would cost me 15 € to get it over to alliance side. Also I asked how eckes, vert, octo and other old BT players transfered over to Alliance. They payed or what?
  5. I would, but im not up pay 15 eus for my char transfer. BTW how eckes, vert, octo and other BT old fellas succeeded with transfer ? donated ?
  6. whats up mojo :X
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