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  1. actually i doubt that u are half of my proness , Serbs always think that they are better , bleh :D
  2. I can't teach you from scratch , you need to be on average level alrdy.
  3. waiting u to teach me .
    LOL JK!
  4. Can't find you online so we trade flasks and shits
  5. ur really bad lucker .. i cant squeeze my head anymore
    anyway maybe when i wake up i will take another look on ur session ..
    Cheer's for now
  6. your replies > everything
  7. ima da te prijavim za kradju!
  8. Ja se stvarno izvinjavam ali ja moram da ti ukradem signature, ovo je prevazislo svaku meru.
  9. I am not trolling, i am just insulting people who should be insulted because they are stupid as rats.
  10. All my bitches love me.

  11. u mad, u won't even inv my dk! fuuuuuuuu
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