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  1. If u want any ore or bars I'm at ur service
    Denaras always need to be fan of some1
  2. Dude, nobody cares about you. Why are you even talking to me ? I don't know you and don't give a crap about anything you might have to say O.o
  3. I couldn't care less about your post as i'm not even close to a gypsy, yet seeing you banned would make me happy, since i enjoy seeing idiots get mad.
    Instead of ur offensive talking u even act offensive in the game
  5. u claim to be so introduced
    noway i don't know even a word about ya
  7. /poke your eyes out :D
  8. This ban had nothing to do with Mecr =) i still got 1 warning before my perm ban.
    PS: U have no idea how many ppl loled at you for this ban. People that you think are your friends =).
    Ok i'll stop here dont mean to intrerupt you from taking pics in the mirror and puttin them on fb , [email protected]! =)
  9. lol dont you even talk behind the staff in your home. they have the place wired and will get you banned
  10. zOMG u got banned bro
    and did u have to make 2 ban appeals ??
  11. The staff here is epicly retarded xD
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