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  1. Goodbye. I won't linger much on this topic, but suffice to say I have resigned from my position and mostly retired from WoW in general. Goodbye everyone, and take care. ;)

  2. Yes. And don't expect me to call you but that!
  3. What on earth did you do to your name?? The F dude.
  4. At the end of the day, everyone can agree that one of the hardest things to say is "I was wrong."

    1. mastakein


      im never wrong fool!

    2. Raven93


      Women are never wrong.* Therefore cody is a chick.

      I find myself being wrong almost daily. Whether i'm actually wrong or not. xD

  5. Shit, i forgot, i gave my acc to a friend and he, well took them and made a SE for himself xD
  6. It's a breach of the rules.
  7. sup,you got frustrated with the porno stuff ? :d
  8. oh, i thought u were latin xD , sorry for the big misunderstanding xD
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