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  1. ADME !! i see your questing xD good luck with Loremaster :P
  2. why'd you got squatted from H&H?
  4. oh you're rapistt? haha mondetta here @zuldrak arena
  5. characters are russian, its about brothership of three football clubs (fans) : Partizan-CSKA and Paok, partizan is black so you cant really see it and the text written on russian means brother forever / on greek means same color same religon.
    Serbs also use cyrillic, Not only Russians. For spoilers its something about partizan fans(i am partizan fan).
  6. even worse, cause those characters in your signature look like russian.
  7. I am Serbian. why u thought im russian?
  8. Sir you are a russian.
  9. its not horde. And yea BB were there also. Now Sanctum and Neverlight are back from pause so you have problems. I don't want flame, so lets end this disscusion.
  10. Answer : I don't agree that Sanctum & AA gonne into RM, People from Sanctum that are in RM now : eureka(INACTIVE) nerfmepls(on MoP) Shamyla( Only one that is still active from Sanctum) . About Neverlight, hell yea, when there was only 2 GUILDS. Why u didn't succes when Archangels,Sanctum,Neverlight were there?People had to join somewhere, so they joined CORE,core is good guild, BUT ...
  11. Sorry for posting this here to RM staff.
    zabranjeni check your information before you speak.Also i think what left from Sanctum and Archangels go into Rigor Mortis and DND and Neverlight was active when we farm Lich King 25 players and you forgot Blues Brothers coz when i was playning on horde side they was first guild and i am praud to have few members from them.
  12. Hey diss, i got flasks for you, come online :p
  13. I guess u didnt understood me :P In which 2 circles in IC/Storm Peaks, the names like sindragosas fall, k3 etc.
  14. around the whole zone. 2 circles in Icecrown then 2 circles in Storm peaks.
  15. Can u tell me in message where are located those 3 rightful masters?and how to do it? thank you.
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