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  1. Its been awhile my fellow grammar nazi ^_^
  2. I read your overview. And Hi, by the way.
  3. Hi, this is Nedhitis saying: I am bored and I write this comment because I can.
    And because aliens.
    And satan.
  4. An universal truth. Kony is instigating not only against infant freedom on Uganda, but also against everyone with bad grammar. He is, in fact, a real-life grammar nazi, with a dangerous illiterate kill record. I am spreading the word: people must know the truth. That is the reason why I became a grammar nazi myself: to educate people and save Ugandan childrens.
  5. "Kony kills an Ugandan children." what is this gibberish
  6. I need to ask of you a favor, if you are reading this. Please, post anything here. I recently got called an "attention whore" for standing out for giving some constructive criticism about something (outside forum) and posting too many walls of text. I do not want to shatter the guy's fragile perception of reality, so... I will do my best to make his words come true. So, please, flood my profile and pretend you idolize me so I can pretend I love you with all my heart. That is what ...

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    2. SwingLifeAway


      omg neddard u iz mai herow, pliz luv me bak. me luv u long tiem kk?

    3. warlock


      OMG attention whore omg omg bunnnnnn :D

    4. exex


      Added you some stars!

  7. One does not simply leave forever. I should know.
  8. Oh, you were alive. Good to see you around again.
  9. Hello Nedh, long time no see.
  10. ...O...K. I will just...... OK.
  11. Ric

    Take this as a warning, Nedh.
  12. Ric

    Oh Goddess, please give me the strength to resist the side effects of grammar-Nazi in English, to spread into my native language, and the wisdom not to correct every single glare i surpass into letters, thus to keep my own sanity. Allow me the reasoning not to suicide for others who should, as such perils to ones language should be as dangerous to the humanity as offensive Tomahawks.
  13. Hey, may I ask you a favor...? According to Jester, the trinket Tiny Abomination in a Jar got "fully" fixed. But I... still have my doubts, I simply find it hard to believe. And there is also someone else on the bug report about it that said it to be still bugged a few days ago.
    Perhaps you have noticed something new about it...? The favor would be for you to post a response ...
  14. Lies, shes too friendly.
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