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About Me

- I am brunette. Sometimes, I paint myself blonde. Long hair (up to the elbows). No hair adornments.

- Blue eyes. No make-up at all, I prefer natural looks.

- Clear, bright skin (like in my Avatar).

- Not too tall, not too short.

- I have been told to have "long legs".

- ...In centimeters, I am about 87-59-91 (not sure how accurate this is, it has been a long time since I measured myself up).

- About clothing, I prefer subtle clothing. No bright colors, but not too dark either (Black is not a favourite option). I never use skirts.



...what...? Is it so strange for a woman to describe herself so freely when most prefer to not talk about such things...? It is so strange that I consider my own name to be a more private data than everything else I wrote here...?

...hm, it must be true. I am weird, I know. Besides, this is the closest of a description you will get from me, as I have no photo to show. Honest.

Edit: Does anyone even read these things...? I know I do not. Probably the most useless profile feature. I could even insult the whole Staff here and they would never notice.

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