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  1. why you keep deleting comments ?
    1. tozastojanovic97


      Hello My Account was hacked and I found this guy and got my password but it says here that I'm banned because heaka speed and I can not get my heroes can you return my heroes I promise you that it will not happen again. Whatever you decide to thanks.

    2. callofduty


      [email protected] is my now email adress i want to change on [email protected] i cant why ? write to me for security reason wtf? . Can u help me ? :) Thank you . PS:Reason why i change because my friend want to stop playing wow my job is to chnage all pass is changed but email cant ..

  2. oh well, we'll see about that
  3. You won't escape of the headache .
  4. being a homo mod =/= giving a lesson
    no, just going to continue to see their keyboard warrior's tears :D
  5. flaming, probably butthurted mods(idk why tho) , fully loaded warn bar =D
  6. that's what is ment for :d
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