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Server has closed on the 17th of May. As of now there's no coming back up date.


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  1. Kirk

    yep im back and trying to bring up horde again looks sad here but i think i can make with a little help
  2. Albis

    Sup, you back?
  3. summer is near pings are back . time for distant to get back

    1. Mortinal


      U kiddin right ?

  4. Nowadays it's Ainur
  5. nazgul?!! wtf hows parivash
  6. witch king can't be homo u know :D
  7. no but i see every boy homo!!!!
  8. WTF u homo bro ?
  9. *** parkour ! smoke much better

    1. Kirk


      if you smoke you will die in 40 years ( thats what ppl say )

      but i say in parkour you can die in every min

    2. warlock


      yeah in parkour i break 3bones per month :)

    3. Mortinal


      U know they say take an arrow to the knee

      but in parkour there is no knee left to take the arrow to ( u know )

  10. oby your master = gay porn with your boss :S
  11. Kirk

    Please i need 2ta gold
  12. we want to remake vindication where da fuck are you :@
  13. me dont use msger qq sry
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