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Server has closed on the 17th of May. As of now there's no coming back up date.


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  1. I just got a transfer, but I got the wrong weapon for my spec! I need a 2h Weapon for My DK Tanking.
  2. I am not trolling, i am just insulting people who should be insulted because they are stupid as rats.
  3. I have choosen the wrong character, i have recieved shaman items but i accidently chose a priest, didnt know it intill everything was sent this morning please help me to get a shaman character, aeus said that i must contact you with this information he also said i must delete my character, i have logged in and deleted my character can you please resend the items to Quinzy again i have made the rig
  4. its me,its bout se ;d
  5. When you guys have to ban people you do it instantly, but now when you gotta answer my ban appeal you are waiting for it to reach 1k views?
  6. I think it was "its", not "it's" .
  7. The trigger effect, it's theory has hunted the world .
    What's the trigger effect ? No one ever knows, but it's always devastating .
  8. What's the meaning to play a game leaded by sellfish and abusive leaders,except Kain and Ric ?
    Excuse me, do you threaten me with an ingame ban ?
    Your powers have reached the end and you end up abusing and banning me somewhere where I trully didn't do anything wrong ?
    Lemme tell you a secret, your server ain't so important to people as you think it is . <...
  9. Go check my appeal, I need my acc tonight
  10. can you remove the pinn from the halloween contest since they are kinda outdated by now
  11. Hello gm...plzz need urgent help with quest light of dawn not being up to complete....i asked all replaied to ask the gm to start the quest...so any gm is online plzz help us do the quest....we realy want the dk...ty

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