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Server has closed on the 17th of May. As of now there's no coming back up date.


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  1. hey, i'm trying to login at wotlk but it keep saying ... Loging in on the game server .. i'm new .. and i didnt understand the stuff about IP and reealmlist .. please, Thank you
  2. Mother of God, you were still alive in forums......
    ...be right back, I have to SS this.
  3. I want to be a tauren.
  4. Hi u gotta help me i illed the time lost proto drake and i could not loot him HELP PLEASE i took screen shots and every thing HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. nvm, sorry about that comment bellow, some missunderstandings lol ..sorry and if u can delete it >.>




  6. ur mad bro :I just saying ...admin? huh, u dont know a *** about programming and stuffs ... :S but yeah ...sorry Admin if i made u unhappy :)

  7. If a tree falls in the forest with nothing around to hear does it make a sound :))?

  8. Regarding your

    gd forums no longer has a trolling section since it was removed some weeks ago.

  9. Hello, I'd like to ask about community assistances group, will it be available again?

  10. Ivkoto, don't you know? They have WoW in bootcamp. It's part of their learning process.

  11. Also you are missing a forum Mod App Format D:

    Just make me mod and I will fix that for ya !

  12. R you skipping bootcamp so you can play wow D: ?

  13. Cant read the gm link

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