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  1. cycas

    wtb u back dafaq where did u go !!
  2. hey barra, pls tell me where's eluma? or at least pass his msn or skype pls
  3. Ryul

    Where are you bro!!!
  4. FU only i can love her. Cuz i'm awesome. Yours is 1 side love.!!!!
    And give fking skype
  5. Gonna miss you... <3
  6. And btw i'm awesome
  7. Nao go add me on skype, or i'm gonna come over to bulgaria, and burn every house till i find yours :>
  8. http://i48.tinypic.com/2cd7hmr.jpg ...
  9. kic07

    No! I hatezurz ponies! but i luff u ^^,
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