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  1. Thanks psyc! :D hope you`re great as well and come back to us someday
  2. Nop, dat mah hair.
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  4. l`ll take that chance =D
  5. Feel free to add me if you wish, btw. l don`t bite.
  6. Mkay let`s go with that :) Oh and also..this profile pic was taken aaaaboutttt...5 years ago or so. The FB profile pic is about 2 weeks old.
  7. Someone`s been spying on my fb? ^^ l have it there too.
  8. And spams my profile with a triple post >.>
  9. Ohai dear :> http://img545.imageshack.us/img545/3805/4207970460s.jpg
  10. l make my own sigs, wallpapers, banners, websites and everything else related to design. Ya want one? =D
  11. Aw you ran out of people to bug so you came here? How sweet :*
  12. How random was that ^^
  13. i'z nurd :< merry xmas to you too:D gief bunny as present kthx
  14. I tried to play MC here but I could never get past the password thing...it`s like I got my password wrong every time I tried to log in....eventually gave up.
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