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  1. Went on Gamer District to say hello to old friends, didnt find anyone i know :/
  2. Coz am cool like that
  3. yara

    I left Gamer District
  4. yara

    Ramadan Kareem :) I've known you for a whole year now......
    *cries and runs away*
  5. Aaaand exams are done :) i feel so good right now..
  6. Coz i have exams obviously! my first starts tomorrow...wish me luck :/
  7. /love
    sheesh im spamming ur wall
  8. sorry :/ dee and elb came yesterday so we got kind of busy with that
  9. yara

    oh no now im gnna go cry myself to sleep
  10. yara

    this is taken 2 months ago
  11. Thankyou for stating the obvious >.<
  12. Josteeny i give up t.t
    take my account take everything! i dont want to do this anymore
  13. T.T I DO NOT SAWK!
  14. Ohh but i dont wanna wake ya and interrupt ur dirty dreams D=
  15. yara

    fack the exam, at least you had fun :D
  16. ill log today at night :)
  17. yara

    :O Happy Birthday!!!! mine is gnna be the same day as my final english exam lol
  18. :* be on in precisely 3:30 hours! DO EET
  19. yara

    ana lessa wa5da baly eny madeya2taksh hna kteer..........*tdaye2*
  20. yara

    Uhm, did you add me with your two other characters?
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