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Server has closed on the 17th of May. As of now there's no coming back up date.


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  1. LEAVE SOME FOR ME :(((((((((
  2. Hi about http://forum.gamer-district.org/topic/15927-target-effectscc-and-periodic-disconnect/page__p__170720__hl__target__fromsearch__1#entry170720

    I downloaded not one time new wotlk and its not fixed idk how to repair it need help :X
  3. Hey good lookin' <3
    I know you wanna fix my Wrath Gate quests. :3
  4. Oh hello new dev, and welcome!
  5. ty^^
    1. foxie


      Hi! Can You help me with transferring my hero from my previous server? I have no idea how to do it and i was told that I need to ask before i start playing. Pls help me! I'm sry I'm writing here but i cant write anywhere else.

  6. Hello and welcome :)
  7. May the owl greet you.
  8. I am new Developer ^^ Ric recruited me
  9. Could you please introduce yourself :p ?
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