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  1. retail wow, anyone?

    1. Kain


      Plenty of people

    2. Vividus


      do share bnet :P

  2. no rush,whenever you got free time.i <3 teasing :>
  3. gonna do it today
  4. where's my sig ?
  5. VIVI POST ur info on the topic cuz my Forum messenger is just full of notifications and i am too lazy to search for the msg -.-
  6. POST UR INFO ON TOPIC i deleted all the msg's in my inbox .. well not all of it but i am to lazy to search for ur's -.......-
  7. Hhh! I know, I know! :3
  8. maya is always welcome here!
  9. Maya was here! :)
  10. i see,i play on the rogue and on a dk ( orkybalboa ) nowadays.i got the approve comment thingie cause of a moron that kept spamming me.
  11. and i don't see my posts on you're profile idk why not sure even if i'm posting them
  12. Most likely irl events, gf, exams and stuff :P glad that you aren't mad and as we speak i'm about to play some wow again :)
  13. nah man,chill out,i'm not mad about it..where've you been ?
  14. Perhaps you aren't still mad at me for 1 damn primo :>
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