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Server has closed on the 17th of May. As of now there's no coming back up date.


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  1. Let me know if you're around.
  2. happie birthday to you~
  3. bro wut's ur opinion about my new name ?
  4. Haha! cool :D
  5. Hehehe!
    Well, I am learning Turkish!
    Even watching a Turkish soap opera! :D
  6. Haha and without any typos!
    Nice :D
    Bende seni!!
  7. Seni seviyorum! :D
  8. I expected it to be way harder, rofl considering everyone talking about how hard AT is.... it was nothing more then childsplay for me, when i found a decent dpriest partner :D
  9. bitch please, passed 2k as well :P
    wish I had more time to play, but shit just got real @ irl
  10. Meng i got 2k on AT u so jelly :3
    Damn gotto love a working server with working classes, with a decent partner. Gonna full in the rest missing pieces of wrathfull and im gonna go for rank :D
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