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Server has closed on the 17th of May. As of now there's no coming back up date.


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Status Updates posted by Oakley

  1. "Do you like his music? No" HS - Feedme
  2. oh hai, dis is kewl
  3. Herd u suck. t/f?
  4. I guess they joined some guild transfer. Someone people do that sometimes.
  5. to allie or to horde?
  6. calling me a mojo? fu (come ally)
  7. hahah, don't like that joke?
  8. Men Inside Althea?
  9. Oh hello new dev, and welcome!
  10. Why this long offline thingie?
  11. Just wasted 125 vote points on a 60% spectral mount, and fags of the staff won't redeem it. ***TEH! [email protected]@@@

    1. lwmaster


      Derp, think you're the first? :DDDD BITCH PLEASE, mine has been gathering dust for over a year. Stop crying! ;D

  12. you still around?
  13. playing minecraft, got tired of wow, or gd more or less, want to go retail again. How about you?
    Also, my pally is on ally
  14. Aight, I don't really play that much anymore.
  15. I'm good actually, miss our times tho :<
  16. omg, dis is da njew schpam tsone
  17. hahah aw stomping <3
    btw fix ur profile, cant leave a comment?
  18. i herp my kerp back and forth, how are you?
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