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Server has closed on the 17th of May. As of now there's no coming back up date.


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  1. Well, I remember you. After BT crashed you went to the 12x, and there you and me were in same guild. What was your name in BT? Don't you remember me? Kerp
  2. You're the hunter? You used to be in BT?
  3. DND best guild evur

    1. Oakley


      btw, is server down or something? I can't connect..

    2. Mortinal


      u kiddin me right ?

  4. related to some of the fegs?
    eh what?
  5. med i bästa guilden på ally. Lätt bättre än bt, dock bara 3 dagar gammal, kommer pissa på alla andra sen
  6. fatest nub miss u <3
  7. i haz sighmans skype, he iz unactive tho :<
  8. boost me @ bc, k?
  9. ehm... ehm...
    who are you? :D
  10. I went alliance..
  11. come alliance. <3
  12. you went tbc or staying here?
  13. bish, cum back
  14. since I'm on vacation, I havent been able to say this. Happy bday <3 (for the past 5 days :( )
  15. nab I'm on holiday, when I come back, u+me play? :D
  16. where are you?!?!
    still playing here rite?
  17. y u no answer me?

  18. we having much better times at our place

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