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  1. change sig back to maisie pls ty
  2. Just another oldfag.
  3. what anime is your current ava/sig from you weeb
  4. if u r reding diz, den u r an faget
  5. what will we do with the drunken sailor, earlie in the mornin'!
  6. I'm pretty much not going to be able to play for a good 3 months minimum, possibly up to 2 years. Won't make a farewell topic or ***, cause I can still post on forums, but I will not be active in game. PM me for skype or whatever ;p
  7. l2bite your bottom lip properly, geez.
    1. bengales


      i thought im doing it right ;c

  8. I'm responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.
  9. Fight for your Honor, Fight for your life. Pray to God that our side is right.
  10. Who changed my title? :U
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    2. SwingLifeAway


      I am a Lion and you annoy cats. Sry we can't be friends. :<

    3. bengales
    4. Maledikta


      #TeamMafia changed your titles.

  11. I passed Matric with a Bachelors and a Distinction!
  12. "If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original." - Sir Ken Robinson
  13. For those of you stalking my profile at 4am: http://akk.li/pics/anne.jpg
  14. I read your overview. And Hi, by the way.
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