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  2. Ok i know you, didn't recognize the name.
  3. We used to be in the same guild 'order of the light' I had a spriest there called Scar. But if you don't know me, you can delete me if you want o.o Btw, my messages arnt showing, so I have no idea if I'm double posting now -.-'
  4. lol..just read the commnt on my profile :o
  5. Thank god Gamer District forum has an ignore list for annoying ***s :)

    1. lwmaster


      Hahaha :D I SO know who's that *** xd

    2. Scarprincess


      I think everybody knows .. xD

  6. Yuh :3 But I'll stick with this one tho ~ >w<
  7. ‎"Hi everyone! A big hurrah to you!!!!! We’ve won for now -- SOPA and PIPA were dropped by Congress today -- the votes we’ve been scrambling to mobilize against have been cancelled. The largest online protest in history has fundamentally changed the game. You were heard." Muahahaha >:3

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    2. Harry


      and your CUNT-TREE just signed for it x]

    3. Scarprincess


      The Netherlands didn't sign the ACTA agreement.

    4. lekar


      Acta drowned a few days ago,ty common sense ! but still mourning /megaupload and that poor (rich) bastard

  8. http://9gag.com/gag/1694563 /emoticons/default_sleep.png" alt="-_-" srcset="/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20">'
  9. yeh im the warlock dude :D
  10. Mokxx, I miss you! D: Come back to gd :o
  11. Hey, you're the warlock dude from yesterday, right? =p
  12. You can play Final Fantasy 7 on your pc also, but you need a special programm for it to work. I played FF 13 too on the xbox 360, made through half of the game, the rest was too hard so I gave up :p
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